We ♥ burgers.

To produce our burgers, we use only high-quality matured beef from young bulls Aberdeen Angus.
Meat si done medium. If you wish otherwise, please ask service.
A side dish is not included in the burger price.
Small burger with gluten free bun +25 Kč
Beef: big burger 160 g, small burger 80 g


Angus beef, red onion, tomato, salad, aioli & tomato relish
145 Kč / 105 Kč (big / small)

R Burger + cheese (your choice)

+ Cheddar 150 Kč / 110 Kč (big / small)
+ Parmesan crisps 150 Kč / 110 Kč (big / small)
+ Blue cheese (Fourme d´Ambert) 155 Kč / 115 Kč (big / small)
+ Goat cheese (about 100g big burger / 50g small burger) 165 Kč / 125 Kč (big / small)


Angus beef, grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, roasted onion, gherkin, lamb´s lettuce, aioli & tomato relish
160 Kč / 120 Kč (big / small)


Angus beef, parmesan crisps, grilled bacon, jalapeño, caramelised onion, mexican mayo & tomato relish
160 Kč / 120 Kč (big / small)


Angus beef, camembert cheese, dried tomatoes, rucola, bacon mayo & tomato relish
160 Kč / 120 Kč (big / small)


Pulled duck leg, pickled carrots, sesame, mung bean sprouts, baby spinach, hoisin mayo & tomato relish
160 Kč / 120 Kč (big / small)


Beetroot and chickpea burger with walnuts, goat cheese, grilled beetroot, rucola, aioli & tomato relish
115 Kč


American toast, grilled chicken meat, grilled bacon, lamb´s lettuce, tomato, gherkin, aioli & mustard, side dish included (hot potato chips)
145 Kč


Burger bun, crispy fried chicken meat, grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, red onion, lamb’s lettuce, aioli & BBQ
145 Kč / 105 Kč (big / small)


Angus beef (80g – well done), tomato, salad, ketchup
100 Kč


Crispy fried chicken meat, french fries, vegetables
100 Kč


Fries (small portion)40 Kč
Fries (big portion)65 Kč
Sweet Potato Fries65 Kč
Hot Potato Chips45 Kč
Onion Rings65 Kč
Coleslaw35 Kč


Garlic mayo25 Kč
Herbal mayo25 Kč
Chipotle mayo25 Kč
Tartar sauce25 Kč
BBQ sauce25 Kč
Ketchup25 Kč

Food delivery

Great burger from the comfort of home! :)

Delivery time after order approval:

1. Zone (WHITE): up to 45 min

2. Zone (ORANGE): up to 60 min

3. Zone (BROWN): up to 90 min

4. Zone (WHITE): delivery upon agreement

Telephone orders:

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 – 20:00

+420 731 496 865

  • Packing 10 CZK / burger, sandwich
  • Beverages are not included in the FREE shipping order limit.
  • Because of the preference of guests in the restaurant, the delivery time may vary in winter and summer.
  • In the winter we do not delivery to places difficult to get to such as huts in pec pod Sněžkou, Úpa… However, we can come closer to you to the highroads, centers…

Adventure Indoor Minigolf

Restaurant R Burger and indoor adventure golf course is really for everyone!

Everybody can play minigolf. It is one of the few sports for the whole family. Enjoy your time together and come to play an 8-hole adventure indoor minigolf set in the Krkonoše nature style. The price for players under 13 years is 70 CZK / hour, over 13 years 90 CZK / hour. There´s also family admission 2 adults + 1 child for 230 CZK, or 2 adults and 2-3 children for 300 CZK.

Next door in the information centre there is The “Fairy Land exposition” and children playroom for the smallest, all ready for you until 5 pm.


Reservation & Contact

Reservations cannot be made by email or via social networks.

Reservations +420 731 496 865

If you do not get through, please excuse us, we take care of our other guests. Please try to call later or send a text message. We will contact you as soon as possible.
The maximum length of the visit is 2 hours. If you wish to keep a table for a longer time, please inform our service in advance.
When a group of 10 or more people make a reservation, an advance payment of 100CZK / person is required.
We do not make reservations at the bar. Everybody can have something to eat or drink here, or wait till some table is available.
We hold the reservation for 15 minutes. Please call us if you cancel the reservation or arrive later. We, and also the other our guests, would appreciate that.

R BURGER s.r.o.

Rýchorské sídliště 146
542 24 Svoboda nad Úpou
Czech Republic

+420 731 496 865

Opening hours

Sunday – Thursday 11:00 – 21:30
Friday – Saturday 11:00 – 22:30

Orders to the kitchen ends half hour before the end of opening hours.
Home delivery orders: Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 20:00


R BURGER s.r.o.
IČO: 04988281
Company Head Office: Nám. Svornosti 527
542 24 Svoboda nad Úpou
36974 C, Regional Court in Hradec Králové